At The Hall Center, we believe that examining the internal health of our bodies provides us with the best method to help you reach your optimal health. Within this philosophy, we utilize full body imaging that is safe, without any radiation, to provide you with accurate results  for early diagnosis of cancer and other internal abnormalities. We highly recommend Our Full Body Ultrasound for the most comprehensive results includes the following tests:

Breast – SonoCiné is an ultrasound examination designed as a standardized method to find breast cancer at a small, curable stage; all without a patient receiving radiation or breast compression.   SonoCiné, in a blinded study of women with dense breasts, doubled the number of cancers found compared with mammography alone. This study also tripled the number of small invasive cancers discovered than with mammography alone.  These are the cancers that are usually treatable without chemotherapy or radiation.  We recommend SonoCiné annually beginning at age 37 or younger, depending on your family history..

Ovary – Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound screens for ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts. Traditionally, screening pelvic ultrasound was considered incapable of affecting the mortality from ovarian cancer.  However with the superior machine now made, a University of Kentucky study of 37,000 women presented in Europe this past fall, showed a significantly increased 5-year survival from 40-50% to 88% in women screened with ultrasound.  In other words, only one in eight women died from their cancers in this period, compared to the more than four in eight expected. Dr. Hall will order blood tests for ovarian cancer antigens separate from this ultrasound screen.