Vaginal “aging” – an unfortunate effect of menopause, breast cancer, and sometimes childbirth – affects as many as 70% of women. The resulting dryness, laxity, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence can have a serious impact on quality of life. But the good news is that the vagina can be restored to optimum, youthful function with TheGoddess Lift by V-Lase, a fast and pain-free new outpatient treatment that requires no anesthesia and no downtime.  The Hall Center is among the first clinics in Los Angeles and the few in the nation to offer this exciting technology with numerous benefits over other methods.

Benefits of The Goddess Lift by V-Lase:

  • Increases vaginal lubrication.

  • Tightens and creates more sensation.

  •  lifts the bladder to help correct loss of urine, which is a common problem for women.

  • Pain free outpatient treatment.

  • Safe & Simple.

  • No downtime with immediate return to normal activities.

  • No anesthesia or supportive therapy is required.

The Goddess Lift by V-Lase is a non-invasive, non-ablative (meaning it won’t cause bleeding) intravaginal procedure using advanced CO2 laser technology to improve the health of the vaginal wall, pelvic floor and vulva. The laser will not cause damage to the superficial vaginal wall, but instead produces a gentle thermal effect deep within the vaginal tissues and pelvic floor to stimulate the remodeling and growth of collagen and elastin fibers and the formation of new microvasculature. This establishes a healthier, “younger” vagina with better hydration/lubrication, tightening of the vaginal canal, increased mucosal blood supply, and improved sexual gratification.

Not only does the procedure tighten the vagina and create more sensation and vaginal lubrication, but it also lifts the bladder to help correct loss of urine, which is a common problem for women. The Goddess Lift by V-lase method is highly preferable to complex bladder and vaginal surgery which has significant downtime and 15-30% failure rates.

The Goddess Lift by V-lase is an inside-out treatment that also benefits the outer portion of the vagina, tightening the skin of the labia, and removing dark pigmentation. There is no anesthesia required, and patients can return to their normal activities immediately, including sexual intercourse.