At the center, hormonal balance has always been an enduring goal, and Dr. Hall is a recognized pioneer in this field.  Having used bioidentical hormones for 30 years with some of the most challenging cases, she has perfected and evolved a subtle approach to resolving hormonal issues. Consulting with clients world wide, Dr. Hall is frequently the last hope in a long list of doctors. Bringing her expertise and emotional understanding to her clients, she uses subtle methods of interpretation, balancing 12 of your core hormones.

It is always her goal to help you heal and begin producing hormones on your own, but bioidentical hormones are used as needed to fill in for what you can’t produce. It is Dr. Hall’s philosophy to bring your hormones back to their natural, youthful levels, using the correct amount of hormones needed to resolve symptoms and reverse and prevent chronic diseases. Hormone doses are tailored to you; one size definitely does not fit all.

As our hormones decline from their youthful levels, health also begins to rapidly decline into both distressing symptoms and emerging chronic diseases.  Common symptoms of imbalanced hormones are exhaustion, depression, anxiety, weight gain, memory loss, hot flashes, poor skin quality, aging skin, hair loss, muscle loss, irritability, sleeplessness and a lack of sexual feelings and function. The diseases arising from loss of core hormones are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, dementia, neurodegenerative decline, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, autoimmune problems and inflammatory diseases like arthritis and skin conditions.