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Hair loss occurs due to both internal and external factors, when hormonal imbalance, menopause symptoms and other metabolic imbalances can throw your entire body out of balance. Metabolic imbalance can affect cells and tissues at all levels and can trigger hair loss. Dr. Prudence Hall offers treatment plans and natural supplements to combat symptoms like hair loss at their root to bring your entire self back to wholeness and health.
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Many of our patients visit The Hall Center Venice to seek treatments for healthy weight loss. At The Center, we specialize in healthy and obtainable nutrition plans and supplements that can assist you in devising a personal weight loss program and reaching your weight and body composition goals. We offer a three-month comprehensive Weight Loss program to educate and enable you to achieve your weight loss goals. From natural hormone therapy with human growth hormone to supplements designed to support your personal weight loss program, Dr. Prudence Hall and the staff at The Hall Center Venice are ready to support your healthy weight loss choices.
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The availability of technology has allowed us to evolve into more efficient people who value time management because greater efficiency means we need to do more in less time. The constant pressure to accomplish as much as possible each day can lead to fatigue, chronic stress, hormone imbalance and a host of other complaints. Dr. Prudence Hall and the staff at the Hall Center can help you heal and become revitalized from fatigue using adrenal fatigue treatments, natural supplements, detoxification and nutritional healing.
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Many patients at The Hall Center seek relief for depression and anxiety through our holistic treatments. Our treatments for depression and anxiety consider the whole person—body, mind and spirit. That means helping you find the cause for your depression and anxiety and treating it with the best bio-available, natural anxiety remedies and nutritious supplements.
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Effective, natural sleep aids exist and together with a treatment plan that can also help treat the underlying causes of insomnia, we’ll help you find safe, natural sleep again. The Hall Center Venice approaches sleeplessness with a view to finding internal and external sources for your insomnia. We work with natural sleep aids and supplements to alleviate both your physical and emotional symptoms to bring your body and your emotions back into harmony so that you may naturally sleep and rejuvenate.
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At different times in our lives, we all experience bloating, gas pain and flatulence. Sometimes it happens because of something we ate and we go on with our lives. Sometimes it happens so often it demands action. Bloating, gas pain and flatulence are a signal that your gastrointestinal tract (GI) it is out of balance and needs natural supplements to help it form healthy intestinal bacteria and improve digestive functions. At The Hall Center, we examine nutrition, supplements and other modalities to form a treatment plan that can help you eliminate digestive complaints and bring your body back into harmony.
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