The WellBe: Stress Therapy Bracelet

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The WellBe is an elegant, light-weight bracelet and mobile app designed to support your emotional well-being. Find out what your stress triggers are and learn personalized meditation and other well-being exercises to release stress  immediately.

The WellBe bracelet monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day. Crafted from cork, the WellBe bracelet is lightweight, durable, and soft against your skin.

The WellBe app allows you to get an overview of your stress triggers, and offers personalized stress reducing programs to help you retain a calm state of being. Our app offers a variety of mindfulness exercises such as:

  • Meditations
  • Focused Breathing
  • Guided Imagination
  • Personalized programs and playlists

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