Vital Nutrients Pancreatin and ox bile Extract

Vital Nutrients: Pancreatin & Ox Bile Extract


Pancreatin & Ox Bile Extract by Vital Nutrient supplies healthy digestion for your body. Supplying your body with the nutrients it needs is an essential process‚ and how those nutrients become synthesized‚ broken down and stored is a complex process that frankly‚ has the ability to become complicated easily.

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Pancreatin‚ which is a combination of several digestive enzymes together including amylase‚ lipase‚ and protease. Normally made by the pancreas inside the body‚ you can supply them from a simple capsule dosage in Pancreatin and Ox Bile Extract. The enzymes work in the breakdown process for fats‚ starches and peptides that reside in the small intestine‚ allowing food to be processed in a way that does not harm any portion of the digestive system.

Pancreatin and Ox Bile Extract‚ much like the rest of the products in the Vital Nutrients family‚ have been independently tested for several criteria to see whether it stands up to safety protocol. Tests for this specific supplement include potency‚ solvent residue‚ yeast and mold counts‚ stability and bacteria‚ and authenticity.