RLC Labs I Throid Iodine Supplement 12.5mg

RLC Labs: I-Throid Iodine Supplement 12.5mg

$22.00 – subscription plans available

I-Throid 12.5mg by RLC Labs steps in as a premiere iodine supplement and replaces “Biodine Mega Pure”.

  • i-Throid is a superior iodine formulation created to enhance thyroid treatment and offer long-term, consistent results.
  • Contains the ideal balance of iodide and free elemental iodine which is highly absorbable and binds with tyrosine to produce thyroid hormones.
  • Works synergistically with Nature-Throid and a-Drenal to offer a well-rounded, highly effective thyroid treatment protocol.

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This iodine supplement offers a premiere level of quality. With over 75 years of trusted medications and doctor approval, RLC Labs is dedicated to formulating comprehensive and effective support formulas that work with the body and its natural healing processes. Additionally, I-Throid is:

  • Doctor approved
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Rapid release
  • Optimal bioavailability

i-Throid can be used alone or with a-Drenal. i-Throid can also be used in conjunction with Nature-Throid to promote wellness and complete thyroid symptom relief.