Nutrafol: Men Advanced Hair Thinning & Hair Loss (120 Capsules)


Men Advanced Hair Thinning & Hair Loss by Nutrafol is the first of its kind preventative formula powered by patent pending Synergen Complex.

  • Initiates a four-stage transformation that addresses underlying causes at the root of hair loss.
  • Patented and Clinically Tested DHT Blockers, Clinically Proven Anti-Stress Adaptogen
  • Reduce Cortisol Stress Hormone,

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Nutrafol solves hair-health issues by starting at the root using clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients. 2,800 mg in a daily dose rebalances the damaging DHT and stress hormone levels which compromise the health and hair production of follicles. Nutrafol then Revitalizes dormant follicles so they can begin to function again-and you will notice less hair loss.

  • Rebalances harmful levels of stress hormones and DHT in the body with patented nutraceutical ingredients. 
  • Combats genetic predispositions to and build-up of harmful DHT without the sexual side effects associated with drug based alternatives. Excellent for men with thinning hair.