Euro Medica Bio Active Essentials

EuroMedica: Bio Active Essentials

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Bio Active Essentials by EuroMedica are gluten and yeast-free multivitamins and mineral supplement. This supplement contains a host of essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.


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This supplement from EuroMedica contains vitamins B6‚ B12 and folic acid in their active forms‚ which do not require conversion by the liver. These vitamins appear to support energy levels‚ cardiovascular health and nerve function.

Vitamins A‚ C and E are believed to contain antioxidant properties‚ and thereby could strengthen your immune system. This dietary supplement from EuroMedica also contains Vitamin C‚ E‚ niacin‚ biotin‚ chromium and manganese that may improve metabolic functions.

Choline and inositol present in this supplement could support fat metabolism. Switch to Bio Active Essentials™ Tablets from EuroMedica to enhance the intake of B vitamins for overall health.