Designs for Health: Detox Antiox (60 Capsules)


Detox Antiox by Designs for Health supports the immune system and provides critical supplements that help combat the bio-chemical effects of stress and exposure to environmental toxins and pollution. The synergistic formula in Detox Antiox makes it particularly effective in supporting phase II liver detoxification. I recommend Detox Antiox to anyone concerned about the effects of stress and environmental pollutants on their body.

  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports Phase II Liver Detoxification
  • Helps with detoxification of harmful chemicals, including mercury
  • Provides stress support



Detox Antiox synergistically combines an extensive array of nutrients that combat free radicals and help support the detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals.

By combining many nutrients that have a positive effect on the immune system. This formula contains multiple ingredients known to raise glutathione levels, making it essential for supporting phase II liver detoxification. The detoxification properties in this robust supplement can also combat free radicals and help detoxify harmful chemicals including heavy metals. The L-Leucine in Detox Antiox, when taken with NAC, is especially helpful for mercury poisoning and prevents mercury from being reabsorbed into the central nervous system. The ingredients in this formula also aid in the production of metallothionein, useful in detoxifying heavy metals from the body


Other Ingredients

This antioxidant rich formula contains:

Vitamin E, 60% gamma mixed tocopherols; Green Tea; Grape Seed extract; Curcumin; and Lipoic Acid

Vitamin C 500 mg
Vitamin E 47 IU
Biotin 150 mcg
Zinc 15 mg
Selenium 100 mcg
Manganese&nbsp 3 mg
Molybdenum&nbsp 100 mcg
N-Acetyl Cysteine 250 mg
Leucine 150 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 90 mg
Green Tea&nbsp 50 mg
Turmeric Extract 50 mg
Leucoselect Phytosome & NBSP 50 mg

Vegetarian Capusles (Cellulose, water)