Professional Formulas: Botanifuge (90 Capsules)


Botanifuge by Professional Formulas is a broad based spectrum antimicrobial that fights against bacterial and parasitic infection by creating an unfriendly environment for pathogens.

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Professional Formulas’ Botanifuge is designed to help your body fight off fungal or parasitic infection. Anyone can get sick‚ but your chances may be higher if you don’t eat a balanced diet or have recently taken antibiotics. Your body needs good bacteria to help fight off infections‚ and antibiotics destroy all bacterial organisms.

Other Ingredients

  • Black Walnut—promotes regularity of bowel movement while helping your body eliminate parasites
  • Garlic—may help your body eliminate parasites‚ fungi‚ and bacteria
  • Male Fern—may paralyze or kill parasites‚ which allows your digestive tract to eliminate them
  • Gentian—may relieve uncomfortable digestive problems‚ as well as stomach upset