Body Software: Thyroid Shield


The thyroid is an often overlooked but important organ that governs many of the body’s functions. People with low thyroid may experience such symptoms as fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, nails and hair, and more. A doctor can perform a simple blood test to determine if thyroid deficiency is to blame and suggest appropriate treatment. One of the newest solutions available is Thyroid Shield, and exclusive non-prescription therapeutic supplement developed by Prudence Hall, M.D. as part of her Body Software line. The formula supports thyroid health with a proprietary blend of premium mineral and botanical ingredients.


  • Part of the Body Software line of proprietary therapeutic formulas designed as natural catalysts for restoring the body’s hormonal and biochemical balance
  • Available only through The Hall Center, Dr. Hall’s Santa Monica, California-based clinic devoted to seeking the root causes of diseases and conditions affecting human well-being
  • Can be taken alone or in conjunction with doctor-prescribed thyroid medications to help with absorption

Other Ingredients

  • Key ingredients:
    • Iodine – supports healthy thyroid function
    • Selenium – supports thyroid and immune function
    • Ashwaganda root extract – improves resistance; supports adrenal function
    • Coleus Forskohlii extract (Forslean®) – not sure what this does in the formula; internet says it is for weight loss
    • L-tyrosine – fortifies immune system, acts as a cortisol regulator