Sugar Balance: High Blood Sugar Supplement (120 Capsules)

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Sugar Balance by Body Software is a Hall Center Proprietary Brand designs to prevent high blood sugar which is the root cause of 85% of hypertension cases.

People diagnosed with high blood sugar, individuals living with diabetes, and anyone with blood sugar concerns may benefit from Sugar Balance, an innovative nutritional supplement from The Hall Center. The formula has been designed to help balance blood sugar levels, improve insulin function and carbohydrate metabolism. Its ingredients are synergistic in helping to achieve ideal glucose control.

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  • Part of the new Body Software line of proprietary therapeutic formulas designed as natural catalysts for restoring the body’s hormonal and biochemical balance.
  • Available only through The Hall Center, Dr. Prudence Hall’s Santa Monica, California-based clinic.   The Hall Center is a mindful medicine practice devoted to seeking the root causes of health issues and addressing all aspects of wellbeing including the physical and the emotional.

Besides helping regulate blood sugar levels, insulin function and carbohydrate metabolism, it may also help balance oxidative stress, support vascular health and boost cellular energy and metabolism

Other Ingredients

  • Chromium – to activate insulin receptors
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – an antioxidant often used to treat diabetes that helps combat the ravages of high blood sugar
  • Berberine HCI – shown in studies to effectively reduce HBA1c and FBG as well as improve liver function and reduce cholesterol
  • Cinnamon – shown in studies to reduce post-meal insulin spikes and to regulate blood sugar