Body Software: Prostate Protect (60 Capsules)

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Prostate Protect by Body Software is a comprehensive formula designed to support male urinary flow, hormone metabolism, and overall prostate health. This formula contains a variety of synergistic, standardized herbs in addition to plant sterols, vitamin B6, and zinc. Saw palmetto berry is present as a highly concentrated, standardized extract.

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Saw Palmetto acts as a natural 5 –alpha-reductase inhibitors, which prevents the conversion of T to DHT. In clinical trails Saw Palmetto has also been shown to effectively urinary tract symptom scores and improve peak urine flow rate.

Beta-sitosterol is found in nearly every plant, and it’s an inactive ingredient found in saw palmetto berries. Beta-Sitosterol is essential for human nutrition and prostate health, providing a variety of functions, including cell membrane integrity.

Nettles Extract has been shown to block the SHBG receptor interaction. Human and animal studies show that Nettles has a beneficial effect on the prostate by inhibiting prostate cell growth.

Other Ingredients

DIM helps promote healthy testosterone levels by
increasing the 2-hydroxyestrone, which increases levels
of free testosterone. DIM also has a direct effect on breast, prostate and thyroid cancer tissues by binding to estrogen receptors in these tissues and stimulating apoptosis via the AMPK signaling pathway.

Zinc acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor helping to prevent the conversion of estrogen to testosterone.