Designs for Health: Aphthamin (60 Lozenges)

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Aphthamin by Designs for Health is a medical food formulated for the metabolic management of the underlying processes oral canker sores, recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) and other immune responses.

  • Support the maintenance of mucosal integrity and continuous cell renewal.
  • Support the immune response to various infectious agents.
  • Alleviate certain aspects of the autoimmune response, which has been implicated in RAS outbreaks.

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Adequate B12 and folate status is required for the proper proliferation of immune cells and thus, a healthy immune response. Additionally, vitamin B12 and folate are instrumental for new DNA synthesis needed for an optimal level of cell replication.

Research studies have demonstrated that the administration of vitamin B12 leads to improvement and long-term recovery from RAS. Also, in RAS patients with folate deficiency, repletion of folate levels dramatically improved or completely reversed RAS symptoms.

Other Ingredients

0.5mg 5-MTHF along with 5 mg vitamin B-12 (cobalamin: as 2 mg methylcobalamin, 2 mg hydroxycobalamin, 1 mg adenosylcobalamin).

Made with GMO-free ingredients