Thyroid Imbalance

What Causes It

The thyroid gland excretes hormones that regulate metabolic and cardiovascular function. Lack of iodine in the diet, autoimmune diseases, radiation treatments, even pregnancy can cause underactive thyroid. On the flip side, irritation of the thyroid gland during medical treatment or postpartum, or excess iodine in the body can cause overactive thyroid. Whether hypo or hyperthyroidism is involved, thyroid imbalance creates an unhealthy state with enervating symptoms like sudden weight gain or loss, depression, sleeplessness, hair loss, anxiety and irregular heartbeat.

How We Treat It

The Hall Center screens thyroid levels using blood tests. If abnormalities are detected, our medical team conducts follow up exams with state of the art imaging equipment and the proven Thyroflex test (a non-invasive procedure). Hypothyroidism, the more common disorder, is treated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Hyperthyoidism can also be treated with customized supplementation, a more natural alternative to surgery and radioactive compounds in conventional use. These serious conditions are carefully monitored, with iodine levels and thyroid function regularly assessed.

This Condition is treated through the Hall Core Program. Consultation visits may focus on this issue along with other health concerns.