Sexual Health Dysfunction

What Causes It

Sexual dysfunction is classified as any problem during sexual activity that prevents a man or woman from deriving satisfaction. Because of its intimate nature, many clients are reticent to discuss it. But sexual dysfunction is a common problem, with 43% of women and 31% of men reporting some difficulty. Sometimes it is the result of hormonal imbalances during menopause or low levels of testosterone during andropause. Less known is that sexual dysfunction can be a sign of more deeply rooted medical problems, including cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic or other disease.

How We Treat It

Conventional medicine treats only the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. But we don’t resort to short-term fixes like ED pills to combat erectile difficulties. Instead we diagnose and treat the underlying physical problem. If there are hormonal deficiencies, we replenish them with bioidentical supplements to restore vitality (and sexual health). If there are more serious health problems, we use clinically proven natural compounds to treat these medical issues, helping reverse sexual dysfunction in the process. Psychological issues causing sexual inhibition are treated with sensitive counseling and behavioral therapy.

This Condition is treated through the Hall Core Program. Consultation visits may focus on this issue along with other health concerns.