What Causes It

Low energy, a general feeling of malaise and being tired is an extremely common symptom. Often this occurs even after a full night’s sleep, leaving you listless, unmotivated to pursue normal activities or be fully engaged in life. There is no single cause. Fatigue can result from medical issues as diverse as: Hormonal imbalance in menopause, testosterone imbalance in andropause; adrenal fatigue; underactive thyroid; toxicity in the body from build-up of heavy metals or parasites among other factors.

How We Treat It

If you’re tired of feeling tired, we can help. First we find the root cause of the problem, the biological basis for your fatigue. This is determined by lab and advanced testing, designed to measure levels of hormones and biochemical markers often overlooked. Once we understand the causation, we create a customized treatment protocol just for you. Depending on the medical issue, therapies may include a regimen of bioidentical supplements (the closest match to your body’s own hormones), I.V. nutritional therapies, detoxifying chelation therapy or a combination of naturally-based treatments.

This Condition is treated through the Hall Core Program. Consultation visits may focus on this issue along with other health concerns.