Happiness & Fulfillment

Program Structure

Emotional Wellbeing: Understand the Physical & Emotional Connection

Depression is more than just periodic sadness. It can show itself as a consistent dark cloud over your life or mood swings that can detract from a rewarding sense of joy. Similarly, anxiety goes beyond simple jitters, affecting social interactions, concentration and productivity.

When hormone fluctuations brought on by perimenopause and menopause meet generalized stress, depression results. Women who suffered severe PMS in earlier years may have more severe mood swings during perimenopause as well as depression during menopause. Determining the cause and extent of your “menopause blues” is very important. Depression and anxiety, while triggered or exacerbated by lifestyle factors like poor diet and lack of exercise, often have a biochemical basis. Through a complete evaluation and personalized course of care which includes detoxification, hormonal replacement therapy, supplements and lifestyle, our medical doctors, naturopaths, and mind body experts offer effective natural treatments and herbal remedies for depression and anxiety.

Within in this program you will receive the following services:

  • (1) Consult with Naturopathic doctor to evaluate physical and emotional causes of depression, anxiety, lack of joy and fulfillment
  • (2) Emotional balance sessions
  • Hormonal assessment and plan to correct “happy hormone “ deficiencies
  • Access to “Walk Your Path.” This 12 week online workshop by Doron Libshtein helps create practical change in your life for greater happiness
  • (1) WellBe Stress Bracelet to monitor and lower your stress (major cause of depression)
  • (1) Consciousness Portal session using light, music and vibration to enhance awareness and brain patterning
  • 6 month access to “Path of Fulfillment” events in person or live-streamed

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