Bloating / Gas Pain

We’ve bundled together the best of the best of our gastrointestinal health supplements to aid you in long term gut wellness. The Digestion Bundle delivers four specific products to help repair your gut, minimize bloating and stomach pain, reduce inflammation, and aid in healthy digestion overall.

Our blend of probiotics and natural digestive enzymes balance the good bacteria and enzyme activity that already exists in your gut, while L-Glutamine soothes your stomach and repairs the lining of the intestines. The Intestinal Movement Formula supports digestion in a gentle, yet effective blend. It encourages colon health while aiding the immune system by getting rid of harmful microbes in the digestive tract. Combined, these four top supplements ensure your gut is in top order.

  • L-Glutamine
  • Probiotics
  • Liyfzymes
  • Intestinal Movement Formula