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Vitamin Infusions: Feel Energized & Fight Illnesses

Each of these Intravenous (IV) Infusions can be ordered individually or in combination based on your symptoms and health goals. Each IV takes between 30-75 minutes to complete and please properly hydrate and eat a healthy snack prior to each IV. these IV infusions introduce organic agents and natural vitamins intravenously to bind and safely remove harmful metals and toxicity. 

  • Energy ASAP – Revitalizes mind and body after periods of acute or long-term stress and fatigue.
  • Regenerative Booster – Uses anti aging therapies to help slow the aging process and regenerate vitality.
  • Cold and Flu Buster – Boosts immune system function to fight colds and flu, reducing recovery time.
  • Against the Migraine – Reduces frequency and severity of migraines by fortifying cells and improving circulation.
  • Hangover Helper – Relieves headaches, nausea and other discomfort from alcohol consumption. Sharpens mental acuity.
  • Athlete’s Edge – Helps fitness enthusiasts play to win by increasing endurance and promoting faster recover from injury.
  • Jet Re-Setter – Counters jetlag by boosting energy and restoring circadian rhythms to normalize sleep cycles.

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