What is Detoxification and Why It’s important

Dr. Hall and her talented Naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and energetic healers have created our core detox to detoxify the body in a much more comprehensive manner. Three distinct kinds of detoxification are undertaken:

  1. Detoxification of allergic foods, intolerant foods and harmful foods
  2. Detoxification of heavy metals and poisons
  3. Detoxification and eradication of Intestinal parasites, yeast and bacteria, including CIBO and H. Pylori 

In additional to removing toxicity, emphasis is placed on adding back vibrant superfoods and restoring a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Every day we put such stress on our digestive tract that the lining of the intestines becomes coated with undigested foods. This creates a substrate for parasites and unhealthy bacteria (CIBO, h. pylori) to live and thrive. Once the toxicity is removed and the GI tract recolonized and restored, and the benefit of a total cleansing is achieved. 

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