Health Secrets of Being a Strong Woman

Dr. Prudence Hall

Dr. Prudence HallHealth Secrets of Being a Strong Woman

Originally Published by Better Nutrition of April 30th, 2018

The expert, Dr. Prudence Hall shares her wellness wisdom and health secrets—from essential supplements to relaxation techniques.  Strength isn’t a matter of using brute force or gritting your teeth. Rather, as Dr. Hall reveals, it’s a matter of following your passion and working hard to overcome challenges. Eat clean, natural diets, avoiding gluten or other problem triggers as appropriate, and tailoring food, exercise, and supplement regimens to their personal needs. And, enhance the lives of others while taking care of yourself, a combination that continues to build strength and happiness.

Prudence Hall, MD

“Women are light, we’re hope, we’re compassion.”

An integrative physician for nearly 35 years and a pioneer in natural, bioidentical hormone therapy, Prudence Hall, MD (, has some very simple advice and some amazing health secrets: “Live your life to the fullest—make your life matter, it’s precious—and if something doesn’t work, don’t whine but work hard to fix it.”

After helping many patients overcome their health challenges, Hall ran into a big one of her own: how to reach and help more people than she can see in her practice. “The misery I see is profound,” she says. Embarking on an expanded mission of enhancing not just the physical health of others, but bringing more enlightenment and love to the world, she wrote a book, Radiant Again & Forever, and began lecturing extensively.

On a personal level, Hall realized that it’s vital to understand what brings you joy and to do those things, and began surrounding herself with like-minded people, from spiritual leaders to workout buddies. And, she keeps her hormones balanced to youthful levels. For women of child-bearing age, she emphasizes, “Don’t take birth control pills; they
disrupt hormone balance profoundly.”

Personal Favorites

  • Healthy food: Brussels sprouts
  • Physical activity: Yoga and weight training
  • Way to unwind: Sitting in a massage chair in front of a fire and listening to ethereal music

Top Healthy Habits

  • Spending close to an hour daily on physical exercise and meditation
  • Intermittent fasting on four days of the week
  • Doing things that are emotionally nourishing


Customized bioidentical hormones, vitamins C and D, melatonin and magnesium at night, and customized nutritional formulas as needed.

10 thoughts on “Health Secrets of Being a Strong Woman”

  1. Prudence, you look GORGEOUS!!!! So radiant and beautiful. Congratulations on your book and speaking – didn’t know. Awesome.
    Love to you,
    Chris Elder

  2. I love appreciate and respect you my friend. You have helped care for my health for many years now and I am so grateful. As liked minded spirits I whole heartedly support you and all your efforts that help you continue to care for us along with your insight wisdom knowledge and encouragement that keeps teaching motivating and inspiring us all to nourish all we can physically mentally and emotionally so that we may keep growing and expressing better versions of ourselves in peace joy love perfect health and abundance.
    You are not just a doctor my friend you are an amazing healer! A true blessing. Thank you.

    Love Light and Blessings
    Debi Prutz

    1. Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words!! You’re continual kindness is a gift to this Earth!

  3. I am so blessed to have found a Dr who cares so much. I’m from Oregon & would travel to the ends of the earth to see a Dr like you!! Thank you so much for helping balance my horomones . You, as well as your staff are wonderful ❣️

  4. Yes Dr Hall, I am a patient of yours and would like to know what brand of viatamin C do you recommend, and do you sell it in your store. And how does that help us to take it in the evening, thank you. Sincerely Maria King

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