Why We Gain Excess Weight

Weight gain is multifactorial. So are the solutions to weight loss. Today, we will discuss what these factors are and in the next few posts we will dive deeper into some of these specific factors and their solutions.

The Factors

  • Obesegens, these are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of lipid metabolism, which in some cases, can lead to obesity, think toxins and heavy metals
  • Dysregulated glucose metabolism
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Microbiome imbalances (all the microorganisms that live in and on us – we are super organisms!)
  • Excess intake due to the omnipresence of food in our society
  • Lack of access to healthy foods
  • Poor food choices due to lack of planning, cravings, habit, peer pressure, and higher cost of quality foods
  • To compensate for feeling lonely, stressed, or bored
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about the right foods for you
  • Epigenetics influenced by the environment giving rise to a whole new specialty in medicine called nutrigenomics

As you can see, these factors involve your environment, your endocrine function, your emotional well-being, your detoxification pathways, your gut health, the way you handle stress, and then we haven’t even touched upon the foods you eat!

The combination of the factors that play a role in each and every one of us are unique. What do you think are factors that play a role in you?



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