Low T Syndrome

What hormone doctor gets the pleasure of hearing their patients exclaim, “Doc, I feel fantastic!” “I feel like I’m 22 again.” “I just can’t believe how good my libido is—just like it used to be.” “I’m no longer on cholesterol or blood pressure medication. I can’t believe it is this simple!” Well, these are some … Continue reading “Low T Syndrome”

Please Don’t Use That Birth Control Pill!

I know now that use of birth control pills can bring on what looks like and acts like menopause symptoms in young women. But it wasn’t until I became deeply immersed in correcting hormonal imbalance and treating menopausal patients with bioidentical hormone replacements, that I started investigating my birth control patients more carefully. I was … Continue reading “Please Don’t Use That Birth Control Pill!”

Can a Far Infrared Sauna Improve Qualify of Life in Those With Type 2 Diabetes?

We can all improve our quality of life in some way just by a few sessions a week inside a far infra red sauna. That’s why we offer one to you here at The Hall Center Venice. Researched by the Family Medicine team at the University of British Columbia in Canada, the far infra red … Continue reading “Can a Far Infrared Sauna Improve Qualify of Life in Those With Type 2 Diabetes?”

DHEA: The Sexy, Anti-Wrinkle Hormone

The DHEA supplements I recommend can help restore the youthful qualities women and men lack due to hormone imbalance and low testosterone production. An excellent andropause and menopause treatment, natural hormone replacement with DHEA can help manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels and enhance libido, bringing passion back into the equation. As DHEA levels in … Continue reading “DHEA: The Sexy, Anti-Wrinkle Hormone”