Core Immersion Program

Treatment Protocol

The Core Program: Getting To The Core Of Your Problem

At the Hall Center, our unique Core Immersion Program is the ultimate full-day health diagnostic plan to help you achieve optimal health. Our Core Immersion Program is suitable for both women and men and takes a Mindful Medical approach to your health. Mindful Medicine combines a scientifically researched approach with holistic, naturopathic medicine to analyze the root cause of ailment symptoms. Additionally, our medical approach addresses not only your physical condition, but also examines your emotional well being and develops a custom program to ensure you achieve your optimal health and live a fulfilling life.

Many people don’t feel “like themselves,” but can’t pinpoint the problem. This dis-ease can be disheartening and has the potential to negatively affect your whole life such as relationships with family, friend, work, and overall sense of happiness. Many of our clients live such busy lives due to family, work and stress, they have not taken time to address their needs.

The Hall Center’s immersion concentrates months of appointments into one full day.  This suits busy professionals, out of town clients and those who urgently need positive health results.  This day combines the key aspects of all our other programs to address and resolve the crucial issues we face with our health, emotions and life. Issues addressed include menopause, low testosterone, weight issues, digestive problems, cholesterol management, diabetes, low libido, fatigue, depression, sleeplessness, emotional imbalances and a need for greater life fulfillment.

During this immersive eight-hour retreat at our Santa Monica Center, our skilled MDs, brilliant Naturopathic doctors and respected mind-body experts, will help diagnose a wide array of imbalances in order to help you create your greatest longevity, vital health, and rekindled passion for life.

This program contains the following services:

  • Welcome introduction at our center for regenerative medicine to discuss goals and understand the process
  • Hormone consult to evaluate and rebalance 12 critical core hormones with bioidentical hormones
  • Digestive health consultation with Naturopathic Doctor to eliminate parasites, candida, and any unhealthy digestion ailments.
  • Full body ultrasound and SonoCine (see description under full body ultrasound)
  • Thyroflex to accurately diagnose thyroid conditions
  • Lifestyle consultation, including diet and recipes
  • Customized IV nutrient infusion
  • Emotional Balancing Consult with one of our mind-body practitioners
  • Consciousness Portal session using light, music and vibration to create new integration.
  • Skin/ Hair Consultation
  • Sleep Kit- including supplements and holistic sleep products
  • Copy of Radiant Again and Forever—Dr. Hall’s forthcoming book
  • Wellbe Stress Bracelet: Wearable technology to monitor and manage stress.
  • Mindful Medical Report –your personalized folder containing lab results, individualized course of care, and instructions for recommended treatments
  • Path of Fulfillment evening programs and all Live Stream programs for 6 months
  • Walk Your Path—Doron Libshtein’s 12 week online workshop helps you create practical change in your life for greater happiness and life fulfillment.
  • Lunch is provided during your immersion

This program includes a follow up call at one week and three weeks after your initial immersion to monitor your progress. At eight weeks, a follow-up consultation (in person or phone) is included, either in person or via phone to evaluate your progress and continue improving your results. After clients have completed their immersion, future ongoing care is individualized.

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Before the first Consultation

  • Sensitive laboratory tests are ordered and conducted

  • Clients may schedule appointments for blood draws at the Center

  • For our clients outside the area, these tests can be performed at another doctor’s office or lab in your city

  • Clients complete detailed questionnaires about their medical history, current dietary, exercise and other lifestyle behavior impacting health