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Store Policy:

Prescriptions cannot be returned. All other items may be exchanged within 14 days if unopened. Any order discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. All sale-priced items are final sale.

Hall Center Operational Policies:

Please download and review some important forms that you will need to complete for your Dietary Integration and Health Coaching consults. You will also find educational information regarding common conditions and their course of treatment at The Hall Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What testing needs to be done before my first visit

After registering for The Hall Core Program, each client will be required to have blood tests performed. These tests are an important diagnostic tool, supplying us with key physiological indicators. Recommended panels can include lipids, cholesterol, inflammatory and genetic marker testing, in addition to comprehensive metabolic assessment. Additional blood work may be ordered before the second or third visit to monitor progress or for specialized studies.

Prior to the first visit, clients will also complete detailed questionnaires about their medical history, current diet, fitness regimen and other daily activities. Your responses will help us determine how all these factors are impacting the state of your health. Personal goals will be set for your action plan to live healthier and happier.

Where do I have my blood drawn? What will it cost?

You have several options. We will email you an order for blood work, which can be taken to a local lab or another doctor’s office. Please schedule at least 10-14 working days in advance, to ensure that results are received prior to your consult.
Appointments for blood draws can also be made at The Hall Center. Various levels of testing may be ordered. Often patients with insurance coverage have little to no financial responsibility for lab work. If you have no insurance, we have negotiated cash rates with select laboratories.

What can I expect at my first visit?

The Hall Center is a different type of medical practice. You’ll find a warm, welcoming environment from the moment you step through our doors. You’ll be set at ease by caring professionals who listen attentively to your concerns. You may feel as if you’ve actually been heard for the first time.
Allow at least two hours for your first visit, which includes an appointment with Dr. Hall or a member of our medical team to review your test results and formulate a customized treatment plan. Thyroid function will be further assessed with a thyroid ultrasound and Thyroflex test. Our female clients may have a pelvic ultrasound performed. All clients will have a lifestyle consult with a clinic professional to help you integrate new dietary and nutritional recommendations into your daily routine, maximizing the results of your treatment plan.

How quickly will I feel better?

Many of our clients have been in a declining state of health for years. But the good news is, damage can often be repaired and vitality restored in a much shorter period of time. Some clients may feel much better after only one month. Those with more severe or complex issues may respond differently to treatment. The goal of our Core Program is to take you from pain to the power of your life. Numerous clients report feeling more energized and focused than ever before.

What is included in the Hall Core Program?

The Hall Core Program is designed to last 3 months and includes 3 consultation appointments with our medical team plus on-site testing (pelvic ultrasound, Thyroflex, thyroid ultrasound). CLICK HERE for more information. For clients requiring more dedicated support, we offer Concierge Services in affordable single session or package plans. Costs for prescribed supplements and hormones are not included in the Core Program. These may be purchased from the Hall Center online store or an outside supplier of your choice. In our commitment to both quality and affordability, we offer proprietary, high potency supplements and bioidentical hormones.

Can I have my pap smear done during the Core Program?

You can have a pap smear taken during the second or third consult, but not on the first visit. This will be billed to you as an additional Service. Please let us know in advance if you need one.

How do I get questions answered between consults?

For refill l of prescriptions, please call our Center clinical staff.
For medical inquiries, a nurse or clinic professional is available to answer questions. Regarding routine matters, brief phone calls (under 5 minutes) are not charged, but longer calls are billable to clients. If issues require medical care, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.
Brief answers to routine matters may also be addressed by emailing us at
For motivational or other program support, our Health Coaching and Concierge Services can provide personalized assistance. Three brief telephone consults are included in the first two weeks of the Core Program. Additional sessions can be contracted for reasonable rates.

Is the Core Program covered by insurance?

We are not designated providers for any health insurance plans, but many PPO plans reimburse for our services as “out of network” care. Please consult your health insurance plan administrators. We will provide you with a coded Superbill with all information included for you to submit to your health insurance provider.

What type of follow up occurs after the Core Program?

After the Core Program concludes, clients typically schedule an additional consult to assess progress and identify unresolved issues in 6 months time. These appointments can be conducted at the Center, by phone or Skype. If severe, ongoing problems persist, an earlier appointment will be scheduled. Absent any immediate medical issues, clients generally visit us once a year for an annual consult and continued care.