Causing health: Foods that nurture, satisfy, and energize you!

Author: Dr. Petra Dorfsman

The holiday season is upon us and most likely we’re all going to experience additional stress in the coming weeks. The cause of this additional burden is brought on by increased demands for our time and attention from our visiting relatives, christmas shopping and finishing work on a strong note. Essentially, we are feeling the pressure exerted on us by the media as they insinuate what we are supposed to accomplish in order to have happy holidays, in addition to our own obligations and expectations.

How to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress can be accomplished in many different ways: optimize sleep, exercise, make time for yourself and those you love, spend time in nature, and of course by setting realistic expectations. Try saying no to half the things you are asked to do, or are invited to, and do only what you truly want to do!

Another great way to reduce stress is to choose the right foods for all your meals that will sustain, nurture, satisfy, and energize you. Visit your local farmers market, check out all the beautiful produce and fill your fridge with local, organic, and seasonal vegetables that will inspire you to make meals every day!

By reducing sugar, caffeine, the “white” foods (bread, pasta, baked goods) and dramatically increasing vegetables, you will
greatly increase your antioxidant intake and reduce inflammatory foods! This will cause health rather then impaired immune function! If you’d like to learn more about how certain foods can relieve stress I highly recommend this study, Dietary Polyphenols and Their Effects on Cell Biochemistry and Pathophysiology.

If you would like help in choosing the right foods for you, come in and talk to us!

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