Can a Far Infrared Sauna Improve Qualify of Life in Those With Type 2 Diabetes?

We can all improve our quality of life in some way just by a few sessions a week inside a far infra red sauna. That’s why we offer one to you here at The Hall Center Venice.

Researched by the Family Medicine team at the University of British Columbia in Canada, the far infra red sauna treatment has been helpful as an adrenal fatigue treatment; healthy weight loss treatment; treatment for chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure; and as a depression and natural anxiety remedy.

Easy Quality of Life—Where do I get it?

The good news is that the team in British Columbia found that with far infrared sauna treatment, quality of life actually improves in all these conditions. Many areas measured on the research survey improved: general health, physical health, stress levels, fatigue levels and even social functioning. The scientists concluded that not only did sauna use improve the life quality of these people, but it also was a lot easier to do than other lifestyle interventions.

How the Far Infrared Saunas Work

The far infrared sauna utilizes infrared energy, the same infrared energy that our body gives off. If you’ve ever noticed, sometimes when people can touch you, their energy feels good. You are feeling the frequency of infrared energy from their body. A far infrared sauna gives off these infrared healing rays.

These healing rays are so relaxing, and heat seems to penetrate right into your bones, increasing flexibility, making you feel as if you could dance. Don’t worry–the air inside a far infrared sauna isn’t so hot that it’s draining, like in a regular sauna.

And the heavenly glow your skin takes on afterward is absolute proof the sauna is working. The color returns back to your face, and after repeated sauna sessions of only 20 minutes or less, you begin to look and feel more and more regenerated and renewed.

User Tip:

When you sweat in a far infrared sauna, your sweat tends to be high in heavy metals or other toxins that your body is trying to eliminate, so drink plenty of fluids to replace lost water.

What Does a Far Infrared Sauna Look Like?

A far infrared sauna is a sauna that often looks like a very small house – usually less than 12 feet long by about 5 or 6 feet wide. The walls are made of wood and often there is a little window that allows you to look outside the sauna into the room where the far infrared sauna is located.

The unit plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It doesn’t use up much energy in the process, and you can usually feel the heat after the first few minutes.

There are wooden benches inside the sauna where you can sit or lie down. Most far infrared saunas have different colored lights you can turn on during your sauna experience, and music can be piped in as well. Healing aromas are available in essential oils of rose, lavender, geranium, and other favorite scents. Simply soak a cotton ball in your favorite oil and place it in a dish.

Source: J Alternative Complementary Medicine, June 2010, Vol. 16, No. 6, pg 677-81.

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