The Regenerative Difference

Regenerative Medicine. Revolutionizing Healthcare.™

The Old Method
The Hall Method

  • Treats the symptoms
  • Focuses on one area of the body
  • Specializes in either physical or emotional health
  • Utilizes advances in modern medicine
  • Prescribes pharmaceutical drugs with addictive properties
  • Uses synthetic hormones to replenish low levels
  • Clinical approach can seem cold and detached
  • Finds and treats the root cause of the problem
  • Takes an integrated approach to wellness and disease treatment
  • Recognizes the close connection between body, mind and overall health
  • Utilizes advances in modern medicine plus proven natural therapies
  • Prefers to use safe natural compounds to promote the body’s own healing processes
  • Uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Care provided in a nurturing environment with warmth and sensitivity