Doron Libshtein, Chairman

800c3629-7e91-4744-82cf-7242e002d7dbDoron Libshtein, Chairman of The Hall Center, is a world-leading self-development mentor, author, and strategic entrepreneur in the areas of personal growth and Internet. Having been mentored throughout his own career, Libshtein has come full circle and is now regarded as a “mentor to the mentors,” having worked closely with the field’s top luminaries, including Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Robin Sharma, Tim Kelley, Marcia Weider and Karen Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Center.

As chairman and founder of Mentors Channel (, Libshtein has established a thriving interactive community where the world’s best mentors and coaches help millions of people live fuller, richer lives.

Libshtein built his leadership and interpersonal skills during 14 years as a senior executive at Microsoft in London.  He also served for two years as CEO of MSN Israel.  Throughout his tenure in these positions, he sought to harness the power of technology to improve the wellbeing of people everywhere.  Mentors Channel is just one result of this singular focus.

Most recently, Libshtein introduced the WellbeTM, the world’s first stress therapy biofeedback bracelet and app.  The device gauges the wearer’s individual stress level, and then provides customized meditation, breathing and other exercises for immediate relief.

Libshtein chairs and sits on the boards of numerous other companies in the high tech, educational and wellness industries.  These include Restart™ – a new venture facilitating solutions to the over-40’s job crisis in Israel and CET and MindCet, the largest incubator and accelerator for technology education.

In addition, Libshtein spearheads the holistic wellness program at The Hall Center in Santa Monica, California, a mindful medical practice. There, his mentorship approach combines the Hall Center’s scientific anti-aging therapies with transformative Eastern healing—including consciousness-expanding practices—to provide the greatest access to health on every level; connecting people not only to their robust physical body, but also to joy and their life’s true purpose.

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