About Us

Our Mission

The Hall Center is dedicated to ensuring all clients achieve optimal and vibrant health to feel full of life regardless of age. We accomplish this mission through mindful medical practices by discovering and treating the underlining root cause to many challenging symptoms and medical conditions. Unlike traditional medical practices, The Hall Center incorporates both physical and emotional healing to connect each client to their optimal life purpose and to inspire a meaningful, passionate and fulfilling life.

Our Promise

We promise to treat every client with sensitivity and respect. To listen carefully to your complaints and to probe deeper, finding out what’s really going on inside your head and throughout your body. We pledge our commitment to responsible care. The Hall Center employs leading-edge science and regenerative natural therapies to provide the most sensible, humane and effective remedy for the broadest range of medical conditions.

Our Results

The Hall Center and our Medical Director, Dr. Prudence Hall, have been privileged to treat over 40,000 patients from all walks of life and from across the globe. Read on and hear what some of them have to say about how we helped renew their energy, restore their health and reclaim their lives.


Regenerative Medicine. Revolutionizing Healthcare.™

The Old Method

  • Treats the symptoms
  • Focuses on one area of the body
  • Specializes in either physical or emotional health
  • Utilizes advances in modern medicine
  • Prescribes pharmaceutical drugs with addictive properties
  • Uses synthetic hormones to replenish low levels
  • Clinical approach can seem cold and detached

The Hall Method

  • Finds and treats the root cause of the problem
  • Takes an integrated approach to wellness and disease treatment
  • Recognizes the close connection between body, mind and overall health
  • Utilizes advances in modern medicine plus proven natural therapies
  • Prefers to use safe natural compounds to promote the body’s own healing processes
  • Uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Care provided in a nurturing environment with warmth and sensitivity


We’re thrilled to have helped so many clients restore their health, revitalize their bodies and minds and regain their lives. But rather than us telling you more, we’ll let our clients share their own stories and sentiments here.

Almost 2 years ago I met Dr. Prudence Hall for the first time. I knew, she was the best hormone doctor, one of the rare medical geniuses that have it beyond studying and degrees and even experience–ones who have intuition, open-mindedness, surprising diagnoses and a wide eclectic knowledge, wider and deeper than their own niche of expertise.
Our first session was for me a mind blowing experience. Besides being a world-wide expert, Dr Hall was a sensitive, warm lady–no attitude, no show off, nothing you would have expected her to be. And her clinic is a complete reflection of her: The whole world stays outside and you become a part of a spa-like feeling, leaving the everyday stress outside.
There are two reasons for coming to Dr Hall: Either you suffer from a major problem or the better choice: You come there when everything is perfect and you just want to prevent future things from happening. I came to Dr Hall for the 2nd reason, although I have been suffering from hormonal imbalance my whole life. We had a long conversation about natural hormone therapy, much longer than was scheduled. Dr Hall and her staff at The Hall Center Venice keep up with constant research, continually upgrade her supplements, bioidentical hormone replacements and treatments, and she’s always attentive to your feedback. After long years of practice, Dr. Hall knows that you have to balance all the hormones in order to get long-lasting results, not boost up a low hormone to bring it to the expected level like most doctors do. In 3 1/2 months ( exactly as expected ), my whole system was balanced. In one week, I lost 14 kgs and I felt wonderful ( I was fit before ); the feedback I got from everyone was fantastic; I felt myself 20 years younger; I got my period again; I had to buy a whole new wardrobe and even 1 size smaller shoes; I started painting again after a few years of drought ( I am an artist ); I got my passion back; I felt like a teenager; I enjoyed life in a way that I thought that belonged to the memories only. It’s now 2 years almost and the change that happened stayed consistent. Dr Hall was for me a life changer and by now a friend and almost family. I came from Toronto Canada and I keep bringing countless friends to her because she is the one that can make THE change with bioidentical hormone replacements.

— Hava Shirdan

Dr. Hall’s caring and progressive approach to my health care has kept me vital, youthful and disease-free! Her healthy mind/body/spirit approach, combined with cutting-edge medical technology is sensible and humane.

— Krista Everage, ASID | Everage Design, Inc.

I am in immense gratitude. I could never have anticipated that in-depth, excellent medical attention could be as sweet, caring and thorough as my experience at Hall Center Venice and particularly with Dr. Prudence Hall. My complete recovery from severely depleted adrenals and wild hormone imbalance using natural hormone therapy is nothing less than miraculous. My quality of life is vibrant, active, creative and productive in my 74th year.

— Jacqueline Bayne | Phoenix AZ

I have been a patient of Dr. Hall’s for over 20 years, and I absolutely adore her as well as her staff. Not only does she listen to me deeply and thoughtfully, but I find her extremely intuitive. Due to an infusion of sudden stress earlier in my life, my hormone level plummeted. Dr. Hall’s guidance to correct my hormone imbalance and to get me on bioidentical hormone replacements saved me from going over the edge!

— Leslie Neal

I have been a patient of Dr. Prudence Hall’s for over 20 years. This gifted doctor has made a huge difference in improving the quality of my life and health. Her compassion, caring and dedication are unparalleled.

— Mimi O'Hern

Dr. Prudence Hall has made my life thrive. For years hormonal balance was a struggle, but it all ended when she took over my care!
I highly recommend her! Best ever for me and my family.
With deep gratitude and love,

— Maria Elena